How to run then submit the monthly submissions - EScro SV Tool
On the SV Tool, top left hand side under (Submissions to Finance) click on the button ‘Click to run for…’ or if you wish to run for any previous month, click on the drop down.
When finished, click on the ‘Submission’ tab, (next to the Latest News tab).
Remove any unwanted patients from the list (i.e. test patients, Mickey Mouse) by highlighting the test/dummy patient and selecting ‘Delete’
Click on the ‘Submit’ button (If you use Outlook, you will get a Pop up ‘ A program is trying to automatically….’ Click on Yes)
You should get a Pop up, confirming a successful submission and a copy saved on your C Drive.
After submitting, close the SV Tool.
If you encounter an ‘unhandled exception’ pop up, check that your NHS password has not changed?
If so, go to Actions>Return to main screen. File>Settings>Email tab and update your password
(please send a Test Mail) Save>Close, and begin the procedure again.